Friday, September 5, 2014

gratitude: day one

i accept the nomination by my cousin suzette to share three things i'm grateful for every day for seven days. this is in keeping with one of my goals this year to find happiness through gratitude. this is a pass-it-on, chain letter type of facebook challenge so popular in these post-ice bucket challenge days. the rules of engagement are:
  • every day for one week, i post three things i'm grateful for
  • every day i nominate three people to do the same
  • if one of the people i nominate accepts my challenge, they have to post three things daily for one week and nominate three people each day, too
today i am grateful for:
  • my friends: each and every person who remembered this was a big week for me and made me feel special and loved in some small way.
  • my husband, who has as much troubling sleeping as i do, which comforts me.
  • my job! i'm so lucky to have one, especially such a great one.
today i nominate my brother joey (getting him back for nominating me for the ice bucket challenge), the recent birthday girl anne and my oldest friend lauren. yay for gratitude! i feel better already.

1 comment:

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