Thursday, November 29, 2012

dog shaming

another thanksgiving has passed and i have again taken some time to think on all the things that i'm thankful for in 2012. besides shawn and ginger, my family and all my dear friends near and far, i am truly thankful to have the opportunity to attend a top business school (no matter what businessweek says). i have learned so much, met so many super smart, driven and amazing people and have had so many doors open for me that i can't even do the experience justice with words. when people ask me how school is going, i complain that i don't sleep or don't get to see my dog and my boyfriend has forgotten what i look like. i mention the classes are hard and the finals are harder. and recruiting...don't even get me started. but what falls between the cracks is what gets me out of bed after so few hours of precious sleep: the thrill of learning and being challenged every day and ending up somewhere even better than where i was before, making smarter career and business decisions and having an impact on the world.

after all that serious talk, here's a picture of ginger just for fun:

dog shaming! i love it.

guess what, now that i've regained my urge to blog, i have a 5-week winter break coming up! expect more updates from me soon.