Sunday, September 12, 2010


reading over the last post, i can't believe it's been seven months since i posted it. it is the first chapter of a book that has been cooking in my brain for years, but i have never completed -- or even written beyond those first few lines. the challenge is: where to go from there? that's a question that i have been struggling with, well, ever since i moved to new york.

i still don't know what is most important to me. i decided this year that i didn't want to be a reporter full-time any more. i have always and will always love to write, but working the way i was had sapped my will to write in my free time. i was spending so much time in front of the computer during the week (and on weekends) doing work, that when i wasn't working the last thing i wanted to do was sit at my computer and write more. that is the reason this blog has laid dormant for all this time.

relationship-wise, i have been single for the past year. i've met some guys that i have found interesting and fun, spent more time than i should have with my recent ex, and decided that online dating is not for me. writing a column on text messaging and dating has been really fun and enlightening, and i find inspiration for that from lots of unexpected places. finding a guy to love and support me has always been important to me, but i believe that things come to you when you least expect them, so i'm not looking.

the one thing i have not ever second guessed about my life is living in new york. yes, i have fantasies about picking up and living at the beach or the woods for a few months while i work on a book, buying a little dog and leasing a convertible and living someone else's life for a little bit. but those ideas are all temporary. i would always come back to the city.

so, as i tell the story of my journey here, what comes next? the many career moves and disappointments? the heartbreaks? the friendships that i've made and lost? we'll see.