Tuesday, January 6, 2015

the best of 2014

this week we said goodbye to 2014. and i looked back on this year that was and thought of its enormity and importance in my life. so much was accomplished and enjoyed this year; so much celebrated and achieved. loved ones of mine lost loved ones of theirs, but as the year closed, all my loved ones were healthy and happy, something I have learned is precious and lucky.

i can't say what 2015 will bring -- for better or worse -- but i can commemorate 2014 as a year that was good to me and one i lived to the fullest. i started out the year taking a personal leadership class, which made me think about taking better care of myself mentally and emotionally. i learned about the importance of meditation and taking time for myself, my family and friends.

2014 was....

the year i graduated from columbia business school and completed my mba

the year we celebrated being married one year and enjoyed being newlywed and married the whole year

the year we spent the summer in westhampton and ginger went to the beach for the first time

the year I started work full time in business development and shawn started a new job, too

the year i went to cuba

the year i learned to golf

the year we went to napa and i started to really love and appreciate wine

the year ginger overcame her chronic carsickness and lyme disease, and spent summer weekends in a backyard without a fence -- yet she didn't run away or into the road

the year i started to remember how much i miss writing and i wrote this blog

the year i visited friends around the country and met all their new babies

so here's to 2015. i see more work, more wine, more travel and more people having babies in the new year.