Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, Updated Life

to celebrate 2011, i've taken some time to update my freelancer profile on this year was filled with so many amazing assignments, from interviewing InStyle managing editor ariel foxman, to meeting all the real housewives, chatting with vinny (from the jersey shore) on the phone for an hour, and launching my text messaging and dating column, textual healing. i also managed to score my first article in a national women's magazine. yes, most of the work i'm most proud of from 2010 came from crushable, which i'm proud to say i helped found and launch in february. (it is now in the very capable hands of editor meghan keane and deputy editor drew grant, and i help them out by overseeing biz dev and social media efforts for crushable and its sister sites and but, i'm proud of all my freelance work, too.

check it all out here. and here's to even more on the horizon.

happy new year!!