Thursday, May 8, 2014

coming to the end.

me: i think i have been so sick recently because i've been stressed out and it has compromised my immune system.
boss: why are you so stressed? you have a job and your grades don't matter.

here's the truth that everyone tells you: the hardest part of business school is getting into business school. this is, by all intents and purposes, true. once you have paid your deposit and agreed to attend your ivy league institution that bars you from disclosing your grades to any employer until you have signed a full time offer, it doesn't really matter whether you come to class, hand in assignments or get straight LPs (my school's equivalent of Ds).

but here's the truth that no one tells you: even though it doesn't matter, you are likely so type a that not handing in an assignment hurts your soul. and all those clubs and leadership positions you committed to (whether for personal or professional reasons) require most of the extra time you have left over after classes, assignments, review sessions and group meetings.

having juggled planning a wedding during my first year and working two days a week my second year, i missed out on that part of school they call "fun" and "a vacation from full time work." in short, business school was no picnic for me. i'm glad i did it, because now i have a great job and i feel smarter and more empowered, but the stress it incurred definitely took several years off my life. come to think of it, it took over years of my life.

my road to columbia started in 2010, when i decided to take the gmats. thinking back now, i can't believe how long ago that was. four years is a long time but these four years have been a lifetime. i started officially studying in august and took the test on december 5. three and a half months later i got ginger. a few months after that i met shawn. i remember in our first meeting telling him i was planning to apply to business school in a few months. fast forward to september 2011 and i realized the due date for early decision at columbia business school was just a few weeks away. oops! thankfully someone cool and collected in my life (shawn obvs) helped me edit my essays and get them in on time. i submitted everything on the day applications were due. four weeks later, i was in.

last week was my last day of class, ever. to celebrate, shawn and i went back to the place where we celebrated the night i was accepted into columbia. it seemed appropriate. and sitting before me was a guy who could have cut and run the moment i told him i had been accepted. he could have decided it was all too difficult and would ruin our relationship. he could have been insecure and certain i would meet someone else. instead, he suggested we move in together.

look at us now.

i can't wrap up this phase in my life without feeling immense gratitude for shawn and everything he has done for me. i couldn't have done it without you, babe!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 - a year for peace and gratitude

in the past, i have tried take some time around new year's and my birthday to look back on the year that had just passed and think about what i would like to achieve in the year ahead.

last year was undoubtedly one of the best years of my life -- if not the best. i married the love of my life and my best friend, and accomplished the incredible task of planning a party (aka the wedding) for 160+ people while juggling business school, two internships (spring and summer) and demanding positions on school club boards. then we went on the most incredible vacation of my life (aka the honeymoon).

honeymooning in capri - august 2013

things came together for me professionally as i started the year case prepping for consulting interviews that disappointed and ended the year with a full time job offer in a position and at a company that just feels right. what a year.

yet i also faced tough challenges. but i am proud of the fact that i didn't let these difficulties defeat me. i reached out to others for their advice and support. i looked inward for strength i didn't know i possessed. and i grew in ways i didn't know i could or should. in the end, i closed out the year with a greater sense of what is important to me and what is not worth caring or worrying about.

it's with that in mind that i set my goals for 2014. i decided that with my professional life and love life under control it was time to turn inward. i wanted to improve myself inside and out. i started by going to the gym more and determining to eat better. shawn has gotten into the act, too.

part of my self improvement goal was to take a class at school called personal leadership and success. the class has pushed me to find my purpose, work on increasing my happiness through gratitude and grow emotionally, among other things. i worked with a small group of classmates to discuss challenges i've faced in the past -- particularly why i stopped writing and blogging years ago after pretty much just burning out. they encouraged me to start writing again. as i continue to find my purpose, i think writing will play a role, whether it's writing here in a somewhat public forum or more privately in a journal.

another way i have been trying to improve myself is through my new night time routine. before bed, i meditate for five minutes. after quieting my mind for a little bit, i floss and brush my teeth (starting better habits!). then, i spend a few minutes playing with an app on my ipad that is helping me to learn italian. after going through this new routine pretty much every night for the last couple weeks i have started to sleep better and longer -- which is a real feat for me!

so i'm trying to be healthier, meditate, start healthy habits and sleep better. i'm also trying to get into the rhythm of writing about myself and my progress as i pursue my self improvement goals. writing again on a regular basis will be a real challenge for me. but i have to stop overthinking it. and. just. press. publish.

and because i know you want it: more honeymoon photos here

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


here it is another new years day -- my 30th one! -- and i feel compelled to look back on the year that was and ahead to the next chapter. 2012 was a confusing, contradictory year full of so much love and loss, new beginnings and sad goodbyes. i have had tough years in the past but i have never ended a sad year with such a feeling of happiness and hope for the future. if you're wondering why, ahem:

i'm getting married! all at once, amidst a year shadowed by the loss of my aunt, who was like another mother to both me and my own mother, after a long illness and all the challenges of leaving my career behind to become a full time student, i'm struck by an overwhelming feeling of lightness and joy and optimism that only love and happiness can bring.

my hope for 2013 is that it will bring more of this feeling to me and my family and friends. i see so many doors opening, so many possibilities ahead. professionally, i see countless opportunities available where i once felt stuck at work and in my career path. and personally, i see a future and a family with the love of my life, and i look forward to continuing our amazing life and growing our family from the three of us (including ginger!) in the years ahead.

happy new year!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

dog shaming

another thanksgiving has passed and i have again taken some time to think on all the things that i'm thankful for in 2012. besides shawn and ginger, my family and all my dear friends near and far, i am truly thankful to have the opportunity to attend a top business school (no matter what businessweek says). i have learned so much, met so many super smart, driven and amazing people and have had so many doors open for me that i can't even do the experience justice with words. when people ask me how school is going, i complain that i don't sleep or don't get to see my dog and my boyfriend has forgotten what i look like. i mention the classes are hard and the finals are harder. and recruiting...don't even get me started. but what falls between the cracks is what gets me out of bed after so few hours of precious sleep: the thrill of learning and being challenged every day and ending up somewhere even better than where i was before, making smarter career and business decisions and having an impact on the world.

after all that serious talk, here's a picture of ginger just for fun:

dog shaming! i love it.

guess what, now that i've regained my urge to blog, i have a 5-week winter break coming up! expect more updates from me soon.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

resetting required unplugging

for the past few weeks that i've been out of work, i've been on a self-imposed social media exile. sort of. i mean, i still check facebook regularly, but i've all but abandoned some of the other sites i used to live on, like twitter and pinterest. and my facebook updates have slowed, too -- even pictures of ginger! to make up for that, here's a picture of her just cuz:

ah, okay, now i feel better. anyway, the point of these past few weeks was to reset myself from worker bee to full time student. it took me at least three weeks to be able to sleep in past 7:30 am. and then this week, i realized i had let my social media accounts flounder. maybe it was because i was suddenly getting more than 6 or 7 hours of sleep.

i didn't do it consciously, but there it is.

so now i'm feeling more well rested and ready to start classes in just a few days. how do i approach my social media feeds now that i'm a student? what will i post on my twitter feed? what do my followers want to read from me? will i even have time to take photos of ginger??

Friday, July 13, 2012

it's time to say goodbye

A dog's view of my desk at b5

my last report on my life told you i had been accepted into business school. nine months (and one company acquisition) later, i have made the plunge of cutting ties from my full time job and i'm ready to become a full time student after seven years in the work world.

today is my last day at b5media.

what's ahead of me? a few weeks of traveling, a couple weeks of getting my life sorted and business attire wardrobe filled out and then orientation and school, school, school until may 2014.

although i've had many months to ponder this change, i am still trying to wrap my head around the decisions i've made and what's to come. as i prepare to leave my desk for the last time, i have a vague feeling of "what have i gotten myself into?!?!"

one thing i know for sure. i won't miss this job. but i will miss all the people i work with. i will miss them with all my heart! i'm just grateful to have made a handful (it's a small company) of new friends who i can carry on with me to my next endeavor. the friends i've made at jobs past are some of my best friends in nyc, and their impact on my life has been immeasurable.

it's been fun b5. onwards and upwards.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year for many reasons -- not the least of which is that it's a holiday that actually encourages you to stop, take stock and be grateful for the things you have.

this year i feel like my life is bubbling over with happinesses. i have so much to be thankful for and everything is made all the better by looking back on recent thanksgivings and the state of my life then. three years ago i was newly unemployed. two years ago i was newly single (and still unemployed). last year i had just changed jobs but was optimistic. this year my job is the last thing on my mind.

in the past year -- scratch that -- in the past eight months everything has changed. sometimes, things can happen that fast or even faster. first, there was ginger, a dog i had always longed for who tipped my selfish city life on its head and taught me how to put other things before myself. then came shawn, a guy who was unlike all the rest: caring, thoughtful, funny, smart, successful and open to the possibility of love and commitment even when it's least expected. and, finally, just a few weeks ago i learned i had been accepted to columbia business school, which means i'll be a student again in august and this time next year i'll be in a completely different place once again.

when your life takes a dramatic shift it's usually for the worst. my broad sweeps of good luck have always followed with bad. although i'm hopeful that this time that won't be the case, i'm prepared just in case. and that won't stop me from being thankful today for what helped me get to where am i right now -- even if it all falls apart tomorrow.

so, in no particular order, here is a list of things i am thankful for this year, thanksgiving 2011: my family; ginger the cutest morkie in all the land; love; roommates; amazing friends near and far; professional mentors and all my colleagues who teach me and push me daily; early admission; doggie day care and wee wee pads (integral to my life with ginger); pie; jeggings and the health and happiness of everyone.

happy thanksgiving!