Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 - a year for peace and gratitude

in the past, i have tried take some time around new year's and my birthday to look back on the year that had just passed and think about what i would like to achieve in the year ahead.

last year was undoubtedly one of the best years of my life -- if not the best. i married the love of my life and my best friend, and accomplished the incredible task of planning a party (aka the wedding) for 160+ people while juggling business school, two internships (spring and summer) and demanding positions on school club boards. then we went on the most incredible vacation of my life (aka the honeymoon).

honeymooning in capri - august 2013

things came together for me professionally as i started the year case prepping for consulting interviews that disappointed and ended the year with a full time job offer in a position and at a company that just feels right. what a year.

yet i also faced tough challenges. but i am proud of the fact that i didn't let these difficulties defeat me. i reached out to others for their advice and support. i looked inward for strength i didn't know i possessed. and i grew in ways i didn't know i could or should. in the end, i closed out the year with a greater sense of what is important to me and what is not worth caring or worrying about.

it's with that in mind that i set my goals for 2014. i decided that with my professional life and love life under control it was time to turn inward. i wanted to improve myself inside and out. i started by going to the gym more and determining to eat better. shawn has gotten into the act, too.

part of my self improvement goal was to take a class at school called personal leadership and success. the class has pushed me to find my purpose, work on increasing my happiness through gratitude and grow emotionally, among other things. i worked with a small group of classmates to discuss challenges i've faced in the past -- particularly why i stopped writing and blogging years ago after pretty much just burning out. they encouraged me to start writing again. as i continue to find my purpose, i think writing will play a role, whether it's writing here in a somewhat public forum or more privately in a journal.

another way i have been trying to improve myself is through my new night time routine. before bed, i meditate for five minutes. after quieting my mind for a little bit, i floss and brush my teeth (starting better habits!). then, i spend a few minutes playing with an app on my ipad that is helping me to learn italian. after going through this new routine pretty much every night for the last couple weeks i have started to sleep better and longer -- which is a real feat for me!

so i'm trying to be healthier, meditate, start healthy habits and sleep better. i'm also trying to get into the rhythm of writing about myself and my progress as i pursue my self improvement goals. writing again on a regular basis will be a real challenge for me. but i have to stop overthinking it. and. just. press. publish.

and because i know you want it: more honeymoon photos here